Subproject Air

An aerial archaeological contribution to the study of settlements, landscapes and spatial interconnections in southern Euboia’.

PhD-researcher: Anke Stoker, MA.

Outline: This study contributes to a long-term settlement history of southern Euboia explaining  interrelationship between habitation patterns, landscape and land use. Places and areas with a potential significance within interconnectivity networks are identified, in order to compose a comprehensive picture of the locations and distribution of settlements, agricultural land, economic resources, cult places, harbours, etc. Primarily aerial and space borne archaeological remote sensing methods will be employed (historic and modern aerial photographs, high-resolution and multi-spectral satellite images) in combination with the spatial analyses of historic and modern cartographic data (geological, geomorphological and elevation maps) in the project’s GIS. The findings based on remote sensing and predictive modelling are checked in the field for their validity and to enhance their interpretation. Finally, the identified patterns of land use are investigated and interpreted in terms of interconnectivity, which should result in a regional biography of the connected landscape.